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Safdarjang House

In this apartment building, the circle serves to unify the facade by sitting within a square that screens the verandahs.

We may design our projects, but they shape our future.


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Apartments at 17

Pale brick combines with exposed grit and FSC exterior wood cladding to create a permanent finish for an apartment building in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

Ridge House

A 5 storied multi- apartment building that extracts the maximum build-able volume, while ensuring plenty of open space, light and ventilation.


Tri Tessellate

Awarded a special mention at the Kohler Bold Design Awards 2018.

A 25,000 sq.ft. factory in Noida, with a tessellated pattern made with triangular pieces of coated glass. 


Atrium Tower

An office tower, standing out in the skyline of Moti Nagar as a landmark.

Central to our design ethos is the need to design buildings that perform better than the industry average and raise the bar for ethical construction standards.

We love building things

Urban Haven

Luxury meets contemporary design in this house while insulating it from its urban location by creating multiple internal courtyards for tranquility and light.

The quest for absolute quality implies that we follow a unique method of design development. We imbibe the skills & experience of the people who actually make the buildings & objects that we design. Their involvement acknowledges them as equal stakeholders in the process, & allows us to better predict construction outcomes & quality control.

Cuboid House

The house demonstrate the possibility of affirming some elementary yet precise rules. A series of spatial sequences are structured around minimal architectural events distributed throughout the house.


This building is a refreshing change - whether in the high quality of surface finish, or in the attention to construction detail.

"Had a fabulous experience working with Amit and his team on a turnkey residential project.


He is not your run of the mill architect. He's trustworthy, flexible and most importantly a thorough professional."

Amitav Virmani

CEO, The Education Alliance

Yellow Brick House

The house illustrates our evolving understanding about the durability of materials in a harsh climate.


Amit Khanna writes for The Economic Times.

Shape of your factory: Manufacturing in the post pandemic area.

future arc.jpg

Automated Warehousing Facility

Designed with a double skinned facade to achieve an even, cool and bright quality of light, which in the climate of Delhi is nothing short of a miracle.

Awarded under Industrial Category FuturArc, Singapore


With a unified facade, two houses joined with a balcony, looking as one.

South City Residences 


he project brief was to re-examine the identity and approach to the brand through a fresh approach in interior design. The site was an empty shell within the inner circle of Connaught Place in central Delhi.


Photo Essay featured in Arch Daily.

Kimbell Art Museum & Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Art Deco House

The house features two massive skylights letting in ample light on both floors. This creates a triple-height skylight on the ground floor which provided a long blank wall which has been turned into an accent wall.


House X

Using innovative design thinking to produce a low cost building that achieves remarkable energy efficiency. 

Featured in the Hinge Magazine, Hong Kong.

Urban Hotel

This project attempts to marry the two divergent approaches by combining the globally accepted standard amenities of a hotel room, with the atmosphere of Northern India pervading the public spaces. 

Every object we produce, be it a 60,000 sq ft office building or a 0.5 sq ft light fixture, undergoes the same scrutiny of process & exactitude, that is founded in suitable materiality  and innovation, irrespective of appearance.

Urban Loop

Where box-like compositions form the skyline of this bustling industrial estate, Urban Loop, in it’s doubly curved milky white aluminum cladding, serves as visual relief.

Villa Ravine

Taking inspiration from the local colonial architecture of Shimla, Villa Ravine is a sustainable vacation home with grey slate walls and green roof.

De Stijl House

House that combines the post colonial modern architecture of Delhi while using the facade as a palette to reexamine the De Stilj Movement.

An office space fostering the values of the organisation, interaction and engagement for better productivity and efficiency.

Infrex Methodex

Urban Noire

The building is designed to be inherently sustainable, not only is it planned for minimal heat gain, it is also designed to breathe and allow natural ventilation.

Current building technology and construction practices still limit our ability to achieve net-zero, i.e. a building that manages to generate as much energy as it consumes. However, thoughtful design can measurably reduce the amount of energy that a building needs & each tiny improvement adds up to a significant change in the overall environmental impact of our work. 


India Design 2019, New Delhi

The growth of population in urban cities increases by the day. Amit Khanna discusses plans  to accommodate this growing population it would be needed to manage resource consumption, design robust urban services, build efficient public transit, create spacial equity and safety and improve environmental quality. 


AKDA is a part of Young Visionaries, a new book by Chris Van Uffelen about the next generation of architects that are shaping the contemporary built environment.

Young Visionaries

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Central Delhi Apartment

At the heart of the design intent is to recreate the sense of spatiality so familiar to those who frequent the corridors of power in the capital.

We take client’s goals and need for strategic design and seamless delivery seriously, connecting our entire team to leverage its creativity, knowledge and experience.


Electronic City

Breaking away from dedicated work desks and crisp white interiors, Electronic City focuses on core values of reusability.

Triveni Kala Sangam

A cultural and architectural landmark in the city of Delhi, upgraded by AKDA in 2013,  to preserve the building’s façade, including the signature screen, or jaali.


Sushant Lok Residence 

The house was designed with a priority to ensure unobstructed visual connectivity between these outdoor spaces and the indoor spaces as well as planning the different spaces in a way that profits from the north-south orientation.


Each floor was designed to suit individual requirements, designing a combined façade was a considerable challenge. Local granites in two shades of grey were chosen for their permanence and installed using stainless steel clamps, ensuring a thermal break between the 30mm stone and the exterior wall.

One by One


World Architecture 

Congress 2019, Mumbai

Design Principal, Amit Khanna speaks at World Architecture Congress 2019, Mumbai on diminishing raw materials

Cube Dwellings

The house contrasts a cubic granite facade with a recessed plane of fenestration allowing for unimpeded views.

We partner with our clients to deliver integrated sustainable solutions for a diverse range of building types and environmentally challenging situations.


House of 2 Wells

This project takes its name from two light wells that bring light into the inward looking building. The first is a sunken area that illuminates the subterranean level, while the second is a large central opening shared by all floors.


House 3

A large multi-apartment residence transformed into a single home. The crumbling stone facade was replaced with reflective, clean white grit that would keep the house cool and give it a clean aesthetic.


House 8

The existing house had been designed to maximise cross ventilation and embodied some of our trademark restraint in the materials and exterior form. Rather than try and upstage the existing character of the house, the attempt was to seamlessly blend the large addition required by the growing family.


Contemporary Penthouse

The top floor apartment of a decade old building was proving to be inadequate for a growing family. A fortuitous change in building laws permitted the addition of another floor with the possibility of an internal connection.

"Working with Amit was a great experience. He has awesome ideas and delivers on time.


We’ve done two projects with him and we will do many more together."

Rajneesh Gandhi

CEO, Century Overseas


A commercial building where the strategy was to make a facility that was not only flexible, but also had a civic presence, that enlivens the street.


House 2

The façade had been reminiscent of colonial architecture, complete with ornately carved stone railings and creamy dholpur cladding. The colour combination was maintained, but the composition was made crisper and more contemporary.

The result is a modern family home that is quintessentially Indian, but has a contemporary outlook.



The challenge of the project lay in transforming the dated house created by the previous owner into a modern residence for a growing family, while they continued to inhabit the space.

The existing house had been designed to maximize cross ventilation and embodied some of our trademark restraint in the materials and exterior form.

House 1

Thoughtful design can measurably reduce the amount of energy that a building needs & each tiny improvement adds up to a significant change in the overall environmental impact of our work. 

Modern Brick House, Noida 1.JPG

Artefact House

Undertaken as a research project to introspect contemporary architectural design for a residence, the building was conceived around first principles of climate, simplicity of materials and construction, with an innovative take on what a modern spatial configuration for a home should be.

AKDA employs an holistic approach to the physical form of each building, from the massing, orientation, and the arrangement of its constituent parts, in order to ensure a responsible approach to the buildings' overall environmental performance.


Design Principal, Amit Khanna spoke at GREHA 2019 in New Delhi.

Greha 2019, New Delhi


House 7

With a client brief of a modern aesthetic, the spatial planning had to strictly adhere to vaastu principles of planning. The plot had been purchased with the same thought, which unfortunately meant a large blank wall on the south side.

Current projects include commercial & industrial buildings, corporate offices, hospitality, boutique retail, multifamily housing, private houses & furniture. AKDA endeavours to employ technologies that sustain rather than pollute, that are durable rather than replaceable, and that add value over time rather than falling prey to short term economies.

This project was conceived as a private estate of luxury villas on a 2½ acre site near the picturesque village of Baldeyan, Shimla.