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  • What are the building regulations on the land?

  • How much area can be built?

  • What will it cost?

  • What is the sanctioning process?

  • What is a realistic timeline?

  • If leasing space, what is feasible?




  • Client meetings to help understand requirements

  • Site visits to understand local conditions

  • Preliminary Site Planning


  • Documenting Existing Conditions

  • Understanding Requirements & Budgets

  • Preliminary Design/Cost/Time Schedule



Making buildings sustainable is no longer an option. If you need your new project or existing asset to be better for the environment, we can help you.


  • Energy Audits to understand usage patterns

  • Recommendations on building envelope upgradation

  • Recommendation on building equipment upgradation



AKDA provides space planning consultancy for both new and refurbished spaces that includes creating briefs, research and design development. 


  • Identifying current & future space requirements 

  • Strategy to maximize space and efficiency

  • Budgets and Schedules



  • Listing of cultural heritage

  • Strategy for restoration

  • Strategy for adaptive re-use

  • Conservation of distressed structures


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