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Commercial, Delhi

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Commercial & Institutional | Epistle HQ

Far too often, offices tend to be an exercise in numbers - whether its lumens, washbasins, desks or corridor widths, the design output tends to get limited by standardized components that drive spatial planning. 

Location:               Vasant Vihar, Delhi

Typology:               Commercial

Principal Architect: Amit Khanna

Completion:           2019

 For Epistle Communications, the young, dynamic team would need more than a row of cubicles and a carpeted meeting room.

Inheriting a subterranean box, the overall strategy was to create two main studio spaces to foster interaction and provide flexibility for larger discussions. Existing skylights brighten up these key work areas, which are supported by meeting rooms and cabins and connected with a large conference room.

Rather than tuck the ancillary spaces in a corner, the pantry is given centre stage along the spine of the office, acting as a central hub for people to come together. A silent room, one which allowed no phone conversations, was inserted alongside the main conference room, allowing people a distraction free environment in which to focus their creative abilities.

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vasant vihar.jpeg
vasant vihar.jpeg
vasant vihar.jpeg
vasant vihar.jpeg
vasant vihar.jpeg
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