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Residence, Delhi

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The existing house had been designed to maximize cross ventilation and embodied some of our trademark restraint in the materials and exterior form.

Rather than try and upstage the existing character of the house, the attempt was to seamlessly blend the large addition required by the growing family.

The brief was to add 2000 sq. ft. of living spaces, an elevator, and design a general up-gradation of the entire house. Instead of putting the elevator in the tall courtyard space as originally intended, it was inserted into the core of the house, necessitating structural changes, but hiding the elevator from view. The addition on the top floor was set back from the main facade with multiple benefits: the 10-foot overhang shades the glass wall from the west sun creates a large covered deck and prevents the house from looking top-heavy.

Despite the tight construction schedule of just 5 months, the house incorporates many custom details, including a virtually frameless insulated glass wall and a hand-beaten copper sheet main door.

Location:               Delhi


Typology:               Residential

Typology:               45000 SF


Principal Architect: Amit Khanna



Completion Date:    2006

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