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Residence, Delhi

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A large multi-apartment residence was being used sparingly by a family that had reduced in number over time. Living rooms had been converted into gymnasiums and the 6 spare bedrooms along with a huge, dark basement were used as storage space.

Location:               Delhi


Typology:               Residential

Typology:               8000 SF


Principal Architect: Amit Khanna



Completion Date:    2008

New Friends Colony
New Friends Colony

The challenge to transform the apartments into a single home meant completely rethinking the spatial disposition and organization. A large formal living room was created in the basement and a sunken court was added for natural light and external access. The upper floors were converted into luxurious bedrooms and a large formal dining area and living room replaced the conventional living room on the ground floor. Skylights brought in natural light and open courts were created throughout the house to void out open space for daylight.

The exterior was littered earlier with windows, some of which were blocked to keep out the street noise. The crumbling stone facade was replaced with reflective, clean white grit that would keep the house cool and give it a clean aesthetic. With light from above and the feeling of a home, this residence was renewed for the next generation of the family.

New Friends Colony
New Friends Colony
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