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Art Deco House

Residence, Delhi

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The client wanted to renovate a late 20th century house with two floors with  15’ high ceilings. The two floor had separate entry. The owners wanted to keep the ground floor for themselves and keep the second floor separate as they were. With a growing family, the need for separate rooms also arises.

Location:               Sunder Nagar, Delhi

Built up area:         1151.92 sq. mt   

Typology:               Residential

Principal Architect: Amit Khanna

Completion Date:    2020

The already existing mezzanine floor was planned to have three bedrooms while keeping the master bedroom and living area on the ground floor a 15’ high space. The house features two massive skylight letting in ample light on both floors. This creates a triple heighted sky light on the ground floor which provided a long blank wall which has been turned into an accent wall. The first floor has glass block wall around the skylight for ground providing it passive light and still maintaining the privacy. The primary spatial planning revolves around the two skylights. With the house being renovated modern amenities like lift were also incorporated.

The house faces a huge school playground and hence to give an uninterrupted view of the greens huge floor to ceiling sliding windows were provided with a classical railing in front. Proving these windows open up the ground floor completely to the front lawn of the house diminishing boundaries between indoor and outdoor.

The block form of the house sits firmly forming a symmetrical harmony . Following a classical colour pallette and elements the house has thin columns running giving it a clean classical look while still maintaining the art deco look with the railings and column.

Open spaces are important , hence a private open space is provided in the back and lawn in front of the house to host guests. Renovating the house gave it a completely fresh look with all the modern amenities and also helped reduce the carbon footprint which would have been there if the house would have been constructed again. An intent oriented flexible design always leads to a good sustainable design than abashing  what's old and making new.

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