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Commercial, Gurgaon

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Commercial & Institutional | Urban Loop

Udyog Vihar is an industrial estate in Gurgaon which was plotted in 1970 following different phases to promote industries to set up their manufacturing in the area. Contrary to the idea, since the turn of the century, Gurgaon has grown into a mammoth city with India’s largest service sector. This growth resulted in the construction of office buildings in Udyog Vihar, a primarily industrial area.

Location:               Gurgaon


Typology:               Commercial

Typology:               60000 SF


Principal Architect: Amit Khanna



Completion Date:    2019

Where box-like compositions form the skyline of this bustling industrial estate, urban loop - in its doubly curved milky-white aluminum cladding, serves as visual relief. The built mass typically bears a curved envelope providing a continuous surface for utilizing maximum daylight, the park in front directs the path of the curve. The core of the building is north facing which lets us have a completely glazed core without any troubles of heat gain and glare. Pushing the core and services on the same side of the building resulted in a singular large usable area. With 15ft high ceilings, the space feels voluminous. The doubly curved structure is clad with white aluminium sheets and deeper overhangs reduce solar heat gain into the building during the summers. The form and materiality of the structure make it stand out from the industrial buildings around. Since the building was planned to be used office space, open space was a key element that has been incorporated on the top floor of the building as a courtyard that opens up space. The courtyard, spatial planning and the facade development of the building show how a building can affect the user experience of the employees.

Breaking the linearity of the skyline and stacked floor plates this white curved facade gives it the name “Urban Loop”.

Terrace Garden 13.jpg
Exterior 1.jpg
Interiors 18.jpg
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