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A combined basement of nearly 20000SF is the main receiving area for all raw material. From here, the building is divided into two equal blocks, meant to house the two production verticals within the company. Column-free spaces were essential to the efficient planning of upper floors; an ingenious structural diagrid system was used on the upper floors. By cross bracing the beams diagonally, the resultant triangulated concrete frame efficiently distributes load while maintaining a thin profile.

Location:               Kirti Nagar


Typology:               Factory 



Built up area:         100000 SF


Principal Architect:  Amit Khanna


Completion Date:     2015

This limits the columns to the periphery, allowing easy expansion to the upper floors and freeing up ground space for vehicular movement. Spacing the columns generously allows for large windows that ensure maximum daylight in the interior spaces, reducing dependence on artificial sources of light. Circulation cores at either end of the building house toilets, stairs and elevators. These cores also house the vertical ducts that provide cooled air to the production floors, eliminating the need for electricity guzzling air conditioning. These large ducts are centrally planned within each floor, allowing for even distribution of air to all workers. 

​Although primarily designed as a production unit, the building also houses a 6000SF office space within the ground floor Block A. Designed completely in white tones, the office area has an innovative baffled aluminium ceiling that incorporates LED strip lighting while effectively masking the electrical, air-conditioning and fire-fighting services. A large showroom opens up to a garden terrace, creating a pocket of nature within a heavily industrialised context. A bright orange cafeteria that acts as a breakout space for employees and the director’s room both also have independently accessed and private terrace spaces.

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