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AKDA integrates the disciplines of architecture, interior design, sustainability, furniture, lighting and product design under a singular ethos.


Established by Amit Khanna in 2004, the studio philosophy is to make regional specificity and sustainability intrinsic to the design process and the final product. Every object we produce, be it a 

60,000 sq ft office building or a 0.5 sq ft light fixture, undergoes the same scrutiny of process & exactitude, that is founded in suitable materiality  and innovation, irrespective of appearance.

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The firm was chosen as one of only five architects among 20 designers in India under the age of 35 to exhibit work in February 2013 (DxD, Alliance Francaise). We were one of the Young Designers of 2013(IA&B), Superstars of Design in 2014 (Society Interiors) and were  also selected as one of the top 50 emerging architects in India by iGEN Design Forum 2014. Our work has won numerous awards & been published in architectural and design journals around the world.


Current projects include commercial & industrial buildings, corporate offices, hospitality, boutique retail, multifamily housing, private houses & furniture.

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