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Residence, Delhi

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The original building by Jasbir Sawhney had been a 2 storey structure designed for a young family. 15 years hence, the space was deeply inefficient for the 3 generations who required proximity, yet privacy.

Location:               Delhi


Typology:               Residential

Typology:               8000 SF


Principal Architect: Amit Khanna



Completion Date:    2007

Panchsheel Park.jpg
Panchsheel Park.jpg

A third floor was added to create a separate suite for the younger generation. The emphasis was on bringing light into the building, while protecting it from the harsh western sun that the house faced. Multiple skylights, of varying depths were introduced around the centre of the house, where an elevator was also added.

The façade had been reminiscent of colonial architecture, complete with ornately carved stone railings and creamy dholpur cladding. The colour combination was maintained, but the composition was made crisper and more contemporary.


The result is a modern family home that is quintessentially Indian, but has a contemporary outlook.

Panchsheel Park.jpg
Panchsheel Park.jpg
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