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Residence, New Delhi

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The quality of buildings in the post-independent era of India has always been a source of debate, as modernist predilections of design ideals forced the abandonment of traditional craftsmanship in the pursuit of bland simplicity. This project seeks to up-end those ideals, fore-going modernity in the pursuit of sustainability.

Location:                New Delhi

Typology:                Residence 

Area:                     15000 SF

Principal Architect:  Amit Khanna

Completion Date:     2018

The site is located fortuitously near the playground of a large school. The view towards the south and west is filled with tree crowns and the building is oriented to maximise the exposure to that direction. As is typical in Delhi’s plotted development communities, the parcels of land are in the ratio of 2:1, and given the narrow frontage, any internal layout must contend with trying to bring natural light into as many rooms as possible. The four bedrooms are strung on the periphery of the building, organized around a central light shaft that illuminates a family dining area. The living room opens up to the front, shaded from the south sun by a deep balcony. The subterranean level opens up to a sunken courtyard, while also being illuminated by multiple skylights. At the ground level, a walkway leads to the main stair and elevator core, while a driveway on either side leads to car parking at the rear.

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