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South City Residences 

With a unified facade, two houses joined with a balcony, looking as one.

Urban Haven

Luxury meets contemporary design in this house while insulating it from its urban location by creating multiple internal courtyards for tranquility and light.

Central Delhi Apartment

At the heart of the design intent is to recreate the sense of spatiality so familiar to those who frequent the corridors of power in the capital.

House X

Using innovative design thinking to produce a low cost building that achieves remarkable energy efficiency. 

Cuboid House

The house demonstrate the possibility of affirming some elementary yet precise rules. A series of spatial sequences are structured around minimal architectural events distributed throughout the house.

Villa Ravine

Taking inspiration from the local colonial architecture of Shimla, Villa Ravine is a sustainable vacation home with grey slate walls and green roof.



A private residence with unobstructed visual connectivity between these outdoor spaces and the indoor spaces as well as planning the different spaces in a way that profits from the north-south orientation.

Urban Noire

The building is designed to be inherently sustainable, not only is it planned for minimal heat gain, it is also designed to breathe and allow natural ventilation.

The focus is to deliver innovation that uplifts our environment instead of allowing our built environment to be a mish-mash of private agendas, the outcome of misinformed aspiration. 

De Stijl House

House that combines the post colonial modern architecture of Delhi while using the facade as a palette to reexamine the De Stilj Movement.

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