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Houses | Sushant Lok Residence




Sushant Lok Residence
5200 SF

In the one of the prominent suburbs of Delhi, infamous for it’s heat, pollution and dust, the plot was located in one of its quieter and greener residential regions. Moreover, it faced a public park, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the area. Owing to this, a priority was made to ensure unobstructed visual connectivity between these outdoor spaces and the indoor spaces as well as planning the different spaces in a way that profits from the north-south orientation.

Most of the private spaces were pushed towards the back to ensure privacy whereas the semi-private spaces such as the living room and lounge were planned towards the north-end. The service core (comprising the staircase, lift, kitchen and staff room) along with the bathrooms and toilets divided these two major zones while a clear path cut through its middle, connecting them.

This entire core was envisioned as a complete cut-out, with courtyards on either side and a skylight above, allowing natural light to illuminate these spaces. On the second floor, a slender metal bridge connects the front half of the building to the back half in order to preserve the essence of the expansive open space that has been created.

This is further complemented by the fully glazed northern wall allowing ample amounts of diffused sunlight into the living room and lounge, making them very airy spaces during the day. This also enables the users to admire the beauty of the greenery outside from within the house.

South facing walls are always a challenge due to the high heat gain. Balconies with deep overhangs ensure that much of the summer sunlight does not enter the bedrooms throughout the day while at the same time allowing the much more welcome winter sunlight to warm the spaces.

Just as the glass was used for attaining a sense of transparency, brick and metal railings were used in other areas for privacy and to correspond with the boundary wall and main gate. The three materials are played with, in terms of shape and position to realize an interesting elevation that radiates modernity and sustainability as an amalgamation.

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