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Multi Family Housing | Naldehra Cottages

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Naldehra Cottages
7500 SF

Perched at 2200mts above sea level, Naldehra is principally famous for its golf course. Established by Lord Curzon in 1905, the area is dense with Himalayan Cedar (deodar) and near the erstwhile British summer capital of Shimla. Famous for its subtropical highland climate, the area is a popular tourist destination, providing respite from the fierce summer heat within a reasonable drive from the plains. The project brief was to provide a variety of serviced holiday apartments that could benefit from the proximity to the golf course, while maintaining privacy from one another.


Located below the road, the property is approached from an upper parking level. Steps leading to the main entrance overlook two sun gardens at the rear, created by levelling the area between the building and the rear retaining wall. Divided by the staircase, there are a total of 7 units - 3 duplex apartments, 2 units with an additional attic, and 2 studio apartments. By creating a thin, yet long building aligned with the terrain, all living spaces overlook the valley and have panoramic vistas. The corners of the building are extended to catch the sun, while generous terraces are scooped out in the front of the building.


Grey & white slate were chosen as a reference to the local architecture of the region. Gables toward the valley enhance the views from within, and the resulting complex interior geometry of the roof is panelled in a locally sourced deciduous wood. The doors, stairs and kitchen shutters are also made from the same material, while minimalist white walls and ceilings focus the attention towards the outside. 

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