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Multi Family Housing | Multi Apartment II

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Multi Apartment II
7000 SF

Like many rapidly densifying parts of Delhi, land parcels in Sukhdev Vihar meant for single family homes are being replaced with apartment blocks. Typically, these are developer driven, are priced to a point and leave little room for the imagination. The economics of selling the apartments is the driving force behind making these buildings possible and in the process, the owners have limited influence over the façade and other common facilities. The intent, in this case, was to arrive at a synergy between the tight dictates of the plan and create a façade that was optimized for the new verticality of the scale.


The building was raised above the road, allowing for a parking level along the entire length of the property. Detaching the building from the party wall on one side allowed the opportunity to bring light to the stairwell, and the same strategy was used at the diagonally opposite corner of the building, where the rear is cut away to bring light to the kitchen. By placing the bedrooms on the front and rear edges, the central open dining and kitchen space becomes the focus of the house, while allowing privacy.


Much of the existing heritage in the city, be it Mughal or British, has been built with a combination of red and beige sandstone. Reinterpreted for a modern aesthetic, these are used on the façade to complement the strong cubic volumes. Vertical strips of red stone are also used in the balcony railings, giving the building its most distinctive element. 

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