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Retail, New Delhi

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Retail & Hospitality | INTACH Shop

INTACH is a non-profit organization that documents, preserves and promotes India’s vast art and cultural heritage. The design for this shop was executed, while Mr. Khanna was acting as a consultant for the heritage listing of Kapurthala. 


The design brief called for the design of a small shop within the existing building that was designed by B V Doshi, to act as a showcase for small products and fabrics that were outcomes of some of the workshops and programs run by Intach. 

100 SF


The building itself is a maze of cavernous volumes, bathed in light with the help of skylights from above. To integrate the shop into the architecture of the space, it was conceived as an undulating wall, from which emerged several cubes of glass. The wall was left freestanding, with a ‘roof’ formed of suspended curved wooden panels that also conceal evening lighting into the space. 


The floor was elevated slightly to create a threshold, emphasizing the act of entering a space within a space. The shop appears different from the various parts of the atrium as the curving surfaces catch the shifting light. 


In collaboration with Ms.Preeti Harit.

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