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House Of Wells

An apartment block in Palam Vihar, Delhi. The owner wanted an apartment block where the ground floor will be occupied by them and the rest of the floors will be given out on rent/sale. The site is two plots away from a cremation ground which was a site constraint. 


Moving with our philosophy the house was planned around a courtyard. The ground floor apartment for the owner was expanded into the basement giving a new dimension to the place. The courtyard was now moved to the basement providing ample natural light in the space surrounding it. A ‘kund’ was created to provide light and ventilation to the room and bathroom in the front of the site.  The kund is accessible from the bedroom becoming an outdoor space in basement. The staircase leading to the basement becomes a feature for the courtyard. On the ground floor along with the master bedroom at the back a small garden is provided. The concept of proving open spaces is followed throughout the house.

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