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Residence, Delhi

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The long site with limited frontage ruled out the possibility of dividing the space in a linear fashion and so the strategy was to develop a common drive that culminated in a shared porch in the centre of the site.

22000 SF

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The site was an unusually large residential plot on one of the main arterial roads of Delhi. The brief was to create private residences for two siblings who wished to remain connected while maintaining individual houses that could be amicably divided at a later stage.

It was a priority to maintain the low scale of the original building and therefore a large deck was planned at the subterranean level, between the wings. This would act as a shared entertainment space for the two families and incorporated swimming pools that would be partially covered by the buildings. From here, one could step up to a garden that wrapped around the three sides of the two wings. A system of louvered screens shade the family lounges of either wing, treated as pavilions in the landscape.

Punjabi bagh.jpg
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