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Commercial, Manesar

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Commercial & Institutional | Gasifier Plant

India’s economic boom is often said to be limited to urban areas and their surroundings due to the lack of rural electrification being a severe limitation for education and agriculture. The Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore had developed the technology for a gasifier, a standalone system that enabled rural areas to produce their electricity from biomass. Our client had interests in electrical power backup and generation and wanted to create a facility that could manufacture these gasifiers on a large scale.



32000 SF

2009 (Phase 1)

The site was a 7-acre piece of agricultural land about 60km southwest of Delhi, near the industrial center of Manesar. The area was divided into three programmatic areas and the site was zoned to allow each subsequent phase to be a seamless extension without any interruptions in manufacturing. The main plant was a 20000SF prefabricated building which was aligned to the utility block at the rear of the site. Open space was left for two more plant buildings along the length and the administration and office building were placed near the entrance. This was designed to expand along its length around an atrium and minimize exposure along the harsh east and west facades.

While the utility block was finished in a robust exposed grit wash, the main office building was clad in a locally sourced sandstone. A mix of fruit and shade trees were planted around the peripheral path that would be used by employees while moving from one building to the next. Vehicular movement was limited to the western side of the site to minimize the hard-paved areas and the eastern part of the site was converted into a permanent vegetable garden.

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