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2000 SF

Fabindia is a brand with a deep Indian ethos. The project brief was to re-examine the identity and approach to the brand through a fresh approach in interior design. The site was an empty shell within the inner circle of Connaught Place in central Delhi.

The custom-made shelving was designed as a continuous line of white, amidst the sea of colour of Fabindia’s products. Inbuilt lighting further highlights the sleekness of the shelving, which forms an undulating ribbon throughout the length of the store. Smooth Dholpur stone flooring was used as a reference to the sandstone used in the colonial architecture of the context. A fabric-covered, freestanding wall that doubles up as shelf space and created an area for the furniture to be placed unobtrusively.

Custom-made fabric light covers, some measuring more than 20’ long, and made from the same fabric used in many Fabindia lamps, were reinterpreted in a modern form and used as a false ceiling. Sheesham wood paneling in the cash desk, trial rooms, and wooden screen echoed Fabindia’s Sheesham furniture collection.

This project was done in collaboration with Ms. Preeti Harit.

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