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Cottage Estate
24000 SF

This project was conceived as a private estate of luxury villas on a 2½ acre site near the picturesque village of Baldeyan, Shimla. The site steeply slopes away from the approach road, dropping nearly 100mts, before the land gives way to a deep ravine that continues till the river below. The temple of a local deity, Maa Shali Bhima Kali is on a mountain top across the river and forms the focal view to which all villas are oriented.


The Villas are conceived as vacation homes and based on the terrain, are either sited above or below the winding approach road. As all principal living spaces must face the view and the morning sun, the parti is of two parallel linear volumes perpendicular to the view. Large blank walls at the rear help maintain privacy from upper villas, while also providing thermal mass in the winter months. Upturned gables toward the valley enhance the views from within, and the resulting interior geometry of the roof is panelled in a local deciduous wood. The subterranean floor houses a heated swimming pool with an entertainment space that opens up to the private gardens. A total of seven such villas have been planned, with an additional structure housing certain common recreational facilities. 

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