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Contemporary Penthouse
5000 SF

The top floor apartment of a decade old building was proving to be inadequate for a growing family. A fortuitous change in building laws permitted the addition of another floor with the possibility of an internal connection. Two bedrooms and a family lounge were planned for the upper floor, along with a small office that required independent access from outside the apartment. A double height volume was carved out around a light wooden staircase that connects the two floors and was covered with a skylight.


A terrace garden at the front of the upper floor provides views to the office and lounge spaces, while helping to insulate the living room below. Modifications to the lower floor included revamping the kitchen, dining & living spaces. The furniture was custom designed to fit the spaces, including a copper-clad curved bar counter. A signature product by AKDA, the yin-yang table, was reimagined as a leather clad piece and included as part of the interior design.