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Located in a tony neighborhood of a Delhi suburb, the brief was to create an in-house conference facility for a multi-national company. The building would have to accommodate several sizes of conference spaces, training rooms, a large dining area, and several guest rooms.

Location:               Faridabad


Typology:               Conference Centre


Principal Architect: Amit Khanna


Completion Date:    2014

Area:                    15000 SF

A large existing tree at the site entrance inspired us to create a naturally shaded entrance area. Planned to be an extension of the garden, this space leads on to a central spine along which the various facilities are distributed. The training rooms are situated below ground, to allow for better sound insulation and privacy.

The approach was to plan the building to make each space as naturally lit as possible, especially the subterranean spaces. This was achieved by carving out a long sunken area on the western periphery of the property. This brings in light to training rooms and a large dining area at the rear, which can also be approached via a stair from the rear garden.

A unique glazing detail was designed specifically for the lounge space that overlooks the front garden. Double glazed insulated panels are fixed edge to edge with custom-designed stainless-steel vertical supports. This detail allows for seamless integration of interior and exterior space. The exterior of the building is finished in a beige sandstone, local to this region.

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