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Commercial Offices
8000 SF

The boom in business process outsourcing to India has spawned an entire industry of purpose-made buildings that cater to the specific needs of this segment. Due to the paucity of commercial buildings that can accommodate a large number of people that need to be gathered under one roof, companies often rent out adjacent buildings thereby creating a fragmented urban campus. Dotted with street vendors providing ancillary services, the open areas are physical manifestations of forced agglomeration. The boundary walls of individual buildings are unnecessary divisions, creating chaotic parking patterns and inhibiting pedestrian movement.

The client owned a corner building that abutted several such buildings rented to a single company. By designing the interiors specifically to suit the needs of the tenant, it was possible to optimize the floor plan for maximum utility. The service core was restricted to the exposed west façade, creating a large blank wall that would inhibit heat gain into the building. The remainder of the elevation was covered with a large aluminium screen designed to cut the glare of the sun and temper the light quality within the corner vertical circulation. The north façade was covered with floor to ceiling double insulated glass to maximize daylight into the floors, yet controlling heat gain. Rear facades were treated with operable puncture windows to allow air movement.

At the ground level, the boundary wall was removed to create a more pedestrian-friendly zone and permit more freedom in vehicular parking. This also helps to integrate the building in the fabric of the city, as it sits on a visible plinth, rather than disappearing behind the veil of a low wall. A small security office with an extended public seating area was retained at the corner, articulated in the form of a large portal emphasizing the main entrance.

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