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Our strategy was to relook at the fundamentals, starting from the building footprint. Rather than blindly follow the stipulated setbacks, we explored a rarely used bye-law, one that permitted us to build edge to edge as long as we remained under a certain area. This allowed us to extend a slender living room volume and recess the rest of the building, creating a large 600SF garden on the north corner of the property.

Location:               New Delhi


Typology:               Residence 



Built up area:         24000 SF


Principal Architect: Amit Khanna


Completion Date:    2020

Anand Niketan.jpg

Our clients were a single family that needed large living areas, along with an apartment that could be let out and a penthouse for one of the siblings, who also happened to be an architect.

As the site lay at an angle to the street, this ensured that the view from the living room would never be compromised by new construction down the road and the aspect meant that we could have floor to ceiling glazed windows to maximize the view without worrying about solar gain.

At the rear, the larger width of the building meant that we could place 3, rather than the usual 2 bedrooms facing the rear garden, allowing for a compact plan that limits circulation areas. A family lounge & dining overlook a large central courtyard as well as a deeply shaded deck on the southern face.

Anand Niketan.jpg
Anand Niketan.jpg
Anand Niketan.jpg
Anand Niketan.jpg
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