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Slender Living

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Slender Living

Linear residential plots are an inevitable by-product of densification and growing cities all over the world are infamous for the limited frontage given to residential buildings.The brownstones of New York are rarely wider than 18’, shop-houses in Singapore have a breadth: length ratio of 1:8 or more and Tokyo routinely boasts narrow 15’ lots.

Second floor plan.jpg

Location:               New Delhi


Typology:               Multi Family Residence 



Built up area:         6000 SF


Principal Architect: Amit Khanna


Completion Date:    2013

The building was raised above the road, allowing for a parking level along the entire length of the property. Vertical circulation elements were paired with a courtyard in the centre of the plan, allowing for the edges to be free for the residential spaces. At the front, the living room was pushed out, bringing in light from two sides, whilst still allowing for the kitchen to enjoy the views and get considerable daylight. At the rear, two bedrooms share the width equally and the central dining and family space is illuminated by the courtyard.

A combination of functional requirements is expressed on the façade. The lower two floors were combined to make a 4 bedroom duplex apartment, while the two upper apartments have 2 bedrooms on a single level. The master bedroom on the first floor overlooks a deep veranda formed by recessing the building line. Sand blasted Jaiselmer stone is used on the façade to complement the strong cubic volumes. While the building may currently appear taller than its neighbours, the scale will eventually change to reflect the urban development of the region.